The Plumb Perfect Level® may very well be your next favorite tool! With this innovative approach to increasing accuracy and saving time, the Plumb Perfect Level® solves the problem of needing a third hand, and sometimes a third elbow, for your critical measuring needs. By combining a level, a long bar and a ruler, you now have everything in one hand to asses a lengthy line, leaving your other hand free to determine the "out of bubble" dimension.

With two extendable Plumb Perfect Level® models available, you can span a distance of 56"-98" or 24"- 42" by extending the level from both ends. Within each end is a dial-out gauge, marked in either inch or metric units. The process is simple – extend the Plumb Perfect Level® to the desired length, place along line to be plumbed or trued and dial out the ruler until the bubble rests in the center of the vial. Read the "out" dimension on the ruler and you're ready to move on. What could take three tools and two people is now done in a fraction of the time and with much less hassle.

The Plumb Perfect Level® is also available as a non-extendable 48" model with one dial-out gauge for those applications not requiring the extra length. One person will be able to determine shims and slopes with ease.

The Plumb Perfect Level® line of tools is ideally suited for glass estimators and installers, finish carpenters, cabinet and door installers, framers – and everyone who builds to a higher standard. Are you ready to take your projects to the next level?